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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

  • Oakleys Plumbing Supplies guarantees all our items as per the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 
  • If the product is flawed and cannot perform as expected we will seek to remedy the situation either by repair, replacement or refund.
  • Replacements of the same product may not be possible due to the age of some of the items on this site. An alternative or refund will be offered.
  • Products with imperfections will have flaws and/or damage detailed in the listing. The product cannot be returned because of any faults/damage. However if the product has a manufacturing fault that prevents it from performing as expected its repair, replacement or refund may be eligible under the Consumer Guarantees Act. 
  • Products which are new in the packaging but have been on the shelf for more than a year may or may not still be under their warranty period. Should the item prove to have a manufacturing fault that needs remedying Oakleys will arrange repair, replacement or refund under the warranty (if it exists) or as per the Consumer Guarantees Act 

Oakleys Plumbing Supplies maintains the right to:

  • ask questions about and inspect any product or service a consumer says does not meet the Consumer Guarantees Act 
  • decide to repair, replace or refund a product, or fix a problem if the problem can be repaired 
  • refuse a refund or any other remedy if a consumer changes their mind about a product or service, or damages the product after the sales 

Consumer guarantees will not apply if:

  • the consumer got what they asked for but simply changed their mind
  • the consumer misused or altered a product in any way that caused the problem, for example; not following the manufacturer’s instructions of use or installation. 
  • the consumer disposed of, lost, destroyed or damaged products after delivery
  • the consumer knew of, or was made aware of particular faults before they bought the product
  • the consumer relied on anyone else's advice or conduct that caused the problem other than the service provider or their agent.

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